Vision, Mission and Goals



OWMA is recognized as the most influential source of research, information, and public policy input for the waste management sector. OWMA membership is the essential symbol of quality, ethics, professionalism and environmental responsibility. OWMA has the strength, scope and knowledge to lead the sector and meet the diverse needs of all of its members.



OWMA is the voice of the waste management sector.


Strategic Objectives/Goals

Strategic Focus - Self-Determination

1. Maximize opportunities for OWMA to set the direction and policies for the waste management sector.

Strategic Focus – Outreach and Communications

2. Establish OWMA as the recognized thought leader on behalf of the waste management sector.

3. Re-position and re-/pand OWMA to reflect the vision and the diversity of membership. Engage with the public, media, politicians and bureaucrats at all levels of government.

Strategic Focus – Scope & Membership

4. Expand OWMA membership into all areas of the waste management sector, and provide leadership and influence in the consolidation and coordination of the various interests currently serving the sector.

5. Develop and implement a short-term plan for OWMA to lead the establishment of a Canadian waste management association.

Strategic Focus - Governance

6. Ensure the OWMA governance structure and Board of Directors membership is designed to realize the Association's vision and is reflective of the diversity of membership.

7. Ensure the Association is led and staffed with dedicated, knowledgeable individuals with the capability and professionalism to realize the Association’s vision.

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