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The Ontario Waste Management Association (OWMA), founded in 1977, is the voice of the waste and resource management sector in Ontario.  The OWMA represents over 300 members across the province including private sector companies; public sector municipalities and organizations and individuals involved in the waste management sector in Ontario.  Together they manage over 85% of the province’s waste. OWMA members have diverse interests and capital investments in areas such as waste and recycling collection, landfills, transfer stations, material recycling facilities, organics processing and composting and hazardous waste from both a recycling and disposal perspective.

The waste management sector provides an important environmental service by dealing with roughly 12.5 million tonnes of waste generated annually by Ontario residents and businesses (which equates to almost a tonne per Ontarian).  The sector directly contributes annually over $3 billion in revenue, over $300 million in capital expenditures and over 13,000 jobs to Ontario’s economy. The average salary paid to those employed in the waste management sector is 22% above of the provincial average salary.

The OWMA has been an active stakeholder in the development and implementation of waste management regulatory initiatives at all levels of government – federal, provincial and municipal. We seek to positively affect legislation as well as regulatory and financial policies that influence the industry and the broader economy.

The future of waste management from both an environmental and economic perspective is in the recovery of resources.  As a result, the OWMA is a strong supporter of policies that treat waste as a resource.  The OWMA also supports policies that foster fair and open markets; and ensure transparency, efficiency and accountability.

OWMA members are committed to a better environment, a safer workplace, exemplary service delivery and innovative solutions to waste management challenges.  We establish high standards for ourselves because our livelihood depends on public trust and confidence.  We are committed to initiating new waste management techniques to improve efficiencies and effectiveness of services while constantly emphasizing safety and environmental protection.  

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