'Back to Basics' 2019 Webinar Series

OWMA is pleased to announce …

10 Webinars in 2019 – A ‘Value-Add’ Membership Benefit

OWMA has planned a new 2019 Webinar Series branded ‘Back to Basics’.

Webinars will be available on a monthly basis starting in January 2019 and topics will focus on waste sector issues and topics of interest. Look for a re-focus on operational and safety topics that will be of interest to private sector and public sector members.

These webinars will be a ‘free’ value-add membership benefit for members and non-members will be charged a registration fee of $250.00 + HST. Registration fees will be credited to non-members upon providing a membership application.

Webinar topics will be announced in the OWMA e-newsletter and will be placed on the ‘events calendar’ on the OWMA website.

A great opportunity to ‘brown bag’ your lunch and hear from sector experts and leaders in related waste sector programs and policies.

Look for operational topics that you can integrate into your internal management or supervisor training programs – get everyone together for a group lunch and webinar.

If you have a specific topic or issue that you feel would make an interesting and informative webinar, please contact Michele at the OWMA office (mgoulding@owma.org) (905) 791-9500.