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National Infrastructure Assessment Letter

Infrastructure Canada launched an Engagement Paper on Canada’s first National Infrastructure Assessment: “Building the Canada We Want in 2050.” It sets out the purpose and benefits of undertaking a National Infrastructure Assessment and seeks input on assessing Canada’s infrastructure needs, improving coordination among infrastructure owners and funders, and determining the best ways to fund and finance infrastructure.

OWMA responded to the Ministry’s proposal by submitting that waste diversion should be listed as a major goal of this endeavour. As the country embarks on historic investments in infrastructure to tackle climate change and transition to a circular economy, there is a lack of reference to environmental projects, particularly in the waste management sector. As an industry, we are particularly proud of our leadership role in waste diversion across the province. The members of the OWMA have and continue to play a pivotal role in enhancing the diversion of materials in both the municipal and the private sector by providing our strengths in logistics and infrastructure to collect and process these materials in an environmentally responsible manner and return them to the economy as secondary resources.


Letter attached.