Report Just Released - Bio-Based and Biodegradable Plastics from the NORWEGIAN ENVIRONMENT AGENCY

Given the interest and focus on Made-in-Ontario's compostables, this report from Norway is of interest.

This report provides a description of the value chain for bio-based and biodegradable plastics on a global and national scale.


The report assesses common bio-based and biodegradable materials based on their feedstock and traits:

• Bio based and biodegradable: PLA, PHAs, starch blends incl. Mater-Bi, bio-PBS(A)

• Fossil-based and biodegradable: PBAT, PBS(A), PCL, PVA

• Bio-based and non-biodegradable: bio-PET, bio-PE, PEF, bio-PP, bio-PAs, PTT


The report can be found below.