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Safe Waste Disposal Guidelines for Residents

The City of Kingston has developed some safe waste-disposal guidelines for residents to help protect collectors and the wider public from the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Safe Waste Disposal Guidelines for Residents:

  • Do NOT place used tissues and napkins in the Green Bin – these items often become wind-blown when the collector opens the lid or when emptying the bin into the truck.
  • Place used tissues and napkins in the garbage. Wash your hands afterwards.
  • Use liners for food waste placed in the Green Bin.
  • Bag all waste. Do not place waste loosely in garbage containers
  • If you’re sick: place ANY item that has come into contact with your mouth, nose or eyes into the garbage – even items that you normally place into your Blue or Grey box (eg. water/beverage bottles, pop cans, milk/juice cartons, etc.).

Information provided courtesy of Heather Roberts at The City of Kingston, from:
Safe Waste-Disposal Guidelines During Pandemic