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Less Is More

OWMA Launches the Less is More Pledge

Over the past several years, governments, businesses and residents have been working together to build a cleaner and greener Ontario while advancing our economy. Now, it is more important than ever that the government continues to support the waste management and recycling sector and its core objectives of increasing recycling, creating jobs and economic growth, addressing climate change, developing sustainable infrastructure, and fostering innovation and investment in waste management.

Given the importance of recycling and waste management to creating a green, circular and sustainable economy, the OWMA is encouraging Ontario MPPs to sign the Less is More Pledge:

We pledge to consume less whenever we can, while recycling more whenever we can’t

By signing the pledge, MPPs can demonstrate their support for recycling in Ontario. Any member who chooses to sign will be provided with recycling tips, informational and promotional materials, and an official certificate from OWMA.

Ontario’s waste and recycling sector looks forward to discussing with MPPs our recommendations to promote recycling, increase waste diversion, and invest in necessary waste management infrastructure. Improving waste diversion and recycling, recovering more resources from waste, and ensuring sufficient disposal capacity for waste we can’t recycle, will allow for Ontario to transition to a circular economy while creating good paying jobs.