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2022 Campaign Toolkit

2022 Campaign Toolkit

Election Toolkit

Ontarians will be going to the polls on or before June 2nd to elect the members of provincial parliament (MPPs) to serve the 43rd parliament of Ontario.


This Election Toolkit is your guide to ensure our sector’s voice is both heard and understood by those running for office, and that each political party is prepared to address the issues and priorities of all of our members at OWMA.


Engagement with Candidates

Asking questions effectively and explaining why something makes sense will better your chances of success in engagement. Generally, those who make decisions on the political level want to make the best decision, yet they often do not have time to become an expert in every topic, including waste policy. By asking well communicated questions and providing solid information in a clear and straightforward manner, potential elected representatives can effectively understand what our sector priorities are, and we can understand where they may stand on them.

What might engagement look like:

  • Using our beheard page, you can send a message to your local candidate
  • Organize a town hall to hear from residents and candidates 
  • Meet local candidates
  • Invite candidates to an event or a meeting
  • Financially contribute to a party or a candidate/politician
  • Reach out and share stories through media or social media
  • Encouraging voter engagement, especially with your employees, stakeholders, etc.


Electoral Ridings

Who are your local candidates and how to contact them?

The best way to communicate your questions and issues is through your local riding’s candidates. Ministerial Cabinet positions in government are unpredictable and it can be often difficult to guess 1) which party will win the election and 2) who will be appointed to each cabinet position. That is why the best way to engage is to start with your own local candidates. It will be through them that you will have a window into each party’s position.

You can find out who is running in your riding with the below link.


Find Your Riding


Each Party on Waste

Follow this link where waste management policy commitments from the major parties are listed, copied word-for-word as written in each respective platform document.


Rethink Waste

For a more in depth view of our policies proposals, you can read OWMA’s ReThink Waste 2022 Policy Report at

OWMA Launches the Less is More Pledge

Why “Less is More” is More Important than Ever
By: Mike Chopowick, CEO, OWMA 

As a sector, we are worried about Ontario’s ability to manage its growing waste and landfill capacity issues. In this province, we produce too much garbage, and at this rate, landfills will be full in just 12 years. The future is now when it comes to the solutions needed to manage our waste and landfill capacity.

That’s where “Less is More” comes in. Consuming less helps more, and recycling more means less waste in our communities and environmental impacts. We don’t have the time or the luxury of delaying action. Each day that passes, we run a greater risk of needing even more landfills and capacity than we do now. 

OWMA and our members are part of the solution, which is why we are committed to championing responsible, climate-friendly waste management policies. From reducing waste to increasing recycling and composting, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and spurring economic growth and jobs, sustainable waste management and recycling policies provide enormous benefits.

You can help

We all must work together to address today’s issues and focus on building a stronger and more sustainable Ontario. This means making concerted efforts to increase recycling, which helps Ontario create job and economic prosperity, address climate change, develop new infrastructure, and foster innovation and investment. 

That’s why OWMA is encouraging Ontario MPPs to sign the Less is More Pledge. By signing the pledge, MPPs can demonstrate their support for recycling in Ontario. Through this commitment, MPPs pledge “to consume less whenever we can, while recycling more whenever we can’t”.  Any member who chooses to sign will be provided with recycling tips, informational and promotional materials, and an official certificate. 

I encourage you to write to your MPP and ask them to be a champion for sustainable waste management and recycling solutions by signing the Less is More pledge at  

Over the coming weeks and months ahead, OWMA will continue to look for opportunities to discuss our recommendations to promote recycling, increase waste diversion, and invest in necessary waste management infrastructure with MPPs from across the province. Transitioning to a circular economy is the solution to a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable Ontario. 

Sign the pledge at

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