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WMABC Report on Vancouver Bylaws Impacting the IC&I Sector

The Waste Management Association of BC (WMABC) has prepared a submission in response to the Ministry of Environment’s request of additional information on the impact of Metro Vancouver’s Bylaw 307, a Hauler Licensing Bylaw and Bylaw 309, amendments to the existing Bylaw 181 that has been submitted to the Minister of Environment for his approval. The bylaws in effect establish a ‘flow control framework’ around waste management and diversion in the IC&I sector.

The proposed bylaws are also opposed by BC’s leading business and industry associations that represent key industries within the Metro Vancouver Industrial, Commercial and Intuitional (IC&I) sector such as property management, construction and demolition, manufacturing, retail and professional services and others.

It is also noteworthy that the Canadian Competition Bureau launched an investigation into the acceptability of Metro Vancouver’s waste management practices that it is using its authority to regulate solid waste disposal in the Metro Vancouver area to advance its own private commercial interests at the expense of private waste processing facilities which is considered an abuse of power by Metro Vancouver under Section 79 of the Competition Act.


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MOECC Organizational Transformation and Organizational Chart

Deputy Minister Paul Evans has announced a major transformation and reorganization of the MOECC that will become effective on December 5th, 2017. The reorganization is intended to create a structure to enhance ministry services and deliver on ministry commitments to protect our environment, public health and fight climate change. This ministry-wide transformation is designed to increase efficiency in the delivery of innovative and risk-based compliance and enforcement services. The Deputy also released an organizational chart that reflects the new structures and people.

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