OWMA Committees

The OWMA has 14 active committees staffed by more than 140 member-volunteers – each working within a specific interest area of waste management. Committee members play an essential role in the OWMA’s policy development process by bringing unique industry insight and expertise to the table to help develop policy positions for our advocacy initiatives. The work of our committees has and continues to keep the OWMA at the forefront of the public policy debate on waste management issues in Ontario.

Approvals and Financial Assurance

Committee Chair: OWMA

The Approvals and Financial Assurance Committee is tasked with developing policy to advance the OWMA's objective of modernizing Ontario's approvals process and financial assurance requirements to support rigorous environmental protection while reducing the regulatory burden on the waste management sector.

Climate Change

Committee Chair: OWMA

The Climate Change Committee develops responses to provincial government programs and policies under the Climate Change Action Plan, including offset protocols and measures to increase the use of renewable natural gas.

Construction, Renovation and Demolition

Committee Chair: OWMA

The Construction, Renovation and Demolition Committee has the aim of bringing waste management professionals together to develop policies that will encourage increased diversion of CRD waste in Ontario.

Excess Soils

Committee Chair: OWMA

The Excess Soils Committee has the mandate of preparing policy positions on behalf of the waste management sector in response to the changes under the government's Excess Soils Framework, which was released in Dec. 2016.


Committee Chair: OWMA

The Energy Committee is tasked with developing policy positions on energy-from-waste and its role in the waste hierarchy.

Hazardous Waste

Committee Chairs: Brent Bolger and Stephen Huza

The Hazardous Waste Committee works to developed policy positions on the province's Municipal Hazardous or Special Waste (MHSW) program, the Hazardous Waste Information Network and approvals related to hazardous waste facilities and activities.

Organics Diversion

Committee Chairs: Paul Van der Werf and Mike Kopansky

The Organics Diversion Committee is playing a key role in preparing the association's policy positions in response to the provincial government's working group on organic and food waste. Areas of focus include composting, biogas, emissions reductions and a potential organics landfill ban.

Printed Paper and Packaging

Committee Chair: OWMA


Research and Data

Committee Chair: OWMA


Safety and Transportation

Committee Chair: Francis Veilleux

The Safety & Transportation committee mandate includes all issues related to waste sector worker health and safety. The committee’s mandate extends to health & safety issues in all areas of the waste sector – vehicles, material processing facilities, transfer stations and disposal facilities. A primary committee function is to review and comment on health & safety and transportation regulatory initiatives (federal, provincial and municipal) and to organize and administer the OWMA/MTO liaison committee meetings.

Used Tires

Committee Chair: OWMA


Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Committee Chair: OWMA


Waste Transfer and Disposal

Committee Chair: OWMA

The Waste Transfer and Disposal committee has a primary focus of reviewing, assessing and providing recommendations on waste disposal and related regulatory initiatives (federal, provincial and municipal) including green energy (landfill gas) and waste export.