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OWMA Committees

The OWMA has five working committees supported by more than 60 volunteer members. Committee members play an essential role in the OWMA’s policy development process by bringing unique industry insight and expertise to the table to help develop policy positions for our advocacy initiatives.

The work of our committees has and continues to keep the OWMA at the forefront of the public policy debate on waste management issues in Ontario. Our committees also exist to engage members in public policy/advocacy discussions and to solicit input on potential research projects, industry best practices and educational content for OWMA meetings and conferences.

Waste Transfer & Disposal

Co-Chairs: Mike Deprez (Walker Environmental); Larry Fedec (HDR)

The Transfer & Disposal Committee assists the Board of Directors and OWMA staff in meeting the needs of the membership through interactive engagement on important waste sector challenges and opportunities in the broad area of waste transfer and disposal. The committee has responsibility for developing policy and projects in the areas of: Waste Disposal & Transfer; Landfills; Excess Soils; Energy-from-Waste (EFW); Climate Change Mitigation; New & Emerging Technologies.

Waste Diversion

Co-Chairs: Paul van der Werf (AET Group Inc.); Co-Chair: Brandon Moffatt (Stormfisher)

The Waste Diversion Committee has a mandate to develop industry best practices and provide advice and recommendations to OWMA in the areas of: Food and Organic Waste Diversion; Composting; Construction, Renovation and Demolition (C &D) Waste Recovery; and Industrial, Commercial & Institutional (IC&I) Waste Diversion.

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) & Recycling

Co-Chairs: Brent Bolger (Brendar Environmental); Peter Hargreave (Policy Integrity Inc.)

OWMA’s EPR & Recycling Committee is a leading source of expertise from both private and public sector waste management professionals on policy and regulatory matters related to transition and implementation of: Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Programs; Waste Electronics & Electrical Equipment Recycling; Used Tires Recycling; Blue Box (paper products and packaging) Recycling; and Municipal Hazardous Waste Recycling.


Co-Chair: Francis Veilleux (Bluewater Recycling Association); Sean McCutcheon (Miller Waste Systems)

OWMA’s Operations Committee has a mandate to raise awareness, provide advice, and recommend industry best practices and guidelines on the following: Waste Management Operations; Workplace Safety; Vehicle Transportation Policy; Industry Data/Research; Approvals Reform; Financial Assurance; Employee Training & Professional Development.

Membership Value & Services

Co-Chair: Jim Graham (TRY Recycling Inc), Mike Watt (Walker Environmental Group Inc,) Joe Johnson 

The Membership Value & Services Committee helps OWMA plan and create an even more valuable member experience. Its mandate is broadly established as developing and overseeing membership interests in the area of OWMA membership value & services and association policies & best practices to improve opportunities for more people interested in a career in waste management. The committee makes recommendations to OWMA staff with respect to the following areas: Membership Value/Services; Association Events and Programs; Membership Acquisition & Retention; Young Professionals; Women in Waste.