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Leadership Program

OWMA Waste Sector Leadership Program

The OWMA Waste Sector Mentor and Leadership Program began in 2019. Over the past two sessions, we have connected 28 waste sector experts with individuals enrolled in the program. This program was initiated to provide a high-level mentoring program for professionals in the waste and resource management sector that have an upward career trajectory within their organizations. The mentorship program, now entitled the OWMA Waste Sector Mentor and Leadership Program, is available to OWMA members looking to invest in and support the professional development and capabilities of their people.

The Mentor/Leadership Program will assist member organizations in building human resource and management strength for the future success of both the individual and the organization. This Mentor/Leadership Program provides education, information, and knowledge that is not available in traditional educational settings and will be founded on the strength, knowledge, and experience of individual mentors (senior executives from the waste and resource management sector) paired with program participants.



Program Objectives

The purpose of the OWMA Mentor and Leadership Program is:

  1. To enhance the development of aspiring professionals in the waste and resource management sector.
  2. To highlight the critical issues in the sector ranging from politics to safety to recycling.
  3. To pair each participant with a senior-level mentor for an 8-month period.
  4. To develop a community and network for aspiring professionals within the sector and the association.
  5. To expand the knowledge base and skill level of the individual and, thereby, the capacity of the organization.

Program Framework

The program framework will consist of the following:

  1. Two in-person professional networking program opening and closing events (in the GTA).
  2. Eight monthly knowledge sessions presented by industry leaders with topics that may include:
  3. Environmental compliance, regulation, and approvals – working and growing in a regulated sector
  4. Political landscape – how politics influence organizational decision-making
  5. Changing recycling industry and the impact on the waste management system
  6. Organics – the present and the future – a major focus of government and regulation going forward and what opportunities exist
  7. Leadership and emotional intelligence – the principles and importance or leadership
  8. Vehicles, Equipment, and Safety – It’s importance to people and organization and equipment trends, economics, and capacity
  9. Waste disposal and transportation logistics – landfills, EFW and the movement of materials and the connectivity in the waste and recycling system
  10. Public speaking and presentation skills – how to improve your individual capability to better project yourself and your organization




Participant organizations must be members of OWMA.

  • Only one aspiring professional from each company will be permitted. Two participants may be allowed depending on available space.
  • Aspiring professionals must apply by completing the attached registration form, and the organization must agree to cover the cost of program, which is billed in one lump sum at the commencement of the program.
  • Cost per participant is $4,000 (will be invoiced upon acceptance into program).
  • There is a limited number of openings for the 2022 program.


2022-2023 Waste Sector Leadership Program Registration Now Closed.


Check back next year to apply for the 2023-2024 program.

Download the 2022-2023 Waste Sector Leadership Program Guide

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