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W2RO Webinar Series: Driving Business Results with AMCS - Winning Strategies to Get More Control, More Customers & More Cash

05 Dec 2023
1:00pm - 2:00pm EST


Waste to Resource Ontario invites you to join our informative webinars that bring together industry leaders, experts, and individuals with a shared interest in exploring innovative strategies and practical solutions for waste, recycling and resource management sector.

By participating in our webinars, you will gain access to invaluable insights from thought leaders in the field, network with professionals and organizations dedicated to sustainability, and discover real-world case studies that demonstrate a variety of topics.

Whether you represent a business, municipality, non-profit organization, or simply have a passion for environmental stewardship, our webinars offer a unique platform to learn and collaborate within W2RO. As a W2RO member, you'll have exclusive access to these informative webinars, empowering you to stay relevant and excel in today's rapidly evolving circular economy.

Stay tuned for updates on upcoming webinar dates, topics, and speakers.

If you are interested in collaborating on a webinar, please reach out to Ravneet Gill,

Waste to Resource Ontario (W2RO) proudly presents an exclusive webinar on 'Winning Strategies to Get More Control, More Customers & More Cash' partnered with AMCS Group.

Do you have manual and paper-based processes that slow down your operations, hamper decision making, and frustrate your customers? Are you delivering a 1990’s experience to customers with 21st century expectations? Are these challenges holding you back while your competitors are growing?

Join us in this exciting session with industry experts from W2RO and AMCS to discover growth strategies and how to unlock business workflows and insights to make your team more nimble, better informed, and more responsive to customer needs.

Learn how these and other areas of the AMCS Platform facilitate a digital transformation in a customer-centric way:

·       Communications: See how your customer team can automate and speed communication to customers, as well as access specific information on-the-fly to delight customers and partners across your business processes.

·       User experience: Learn how a simplified user experience benefits customers with invoicing and payments and helps in-truck and in-yard staff to better serve customers.

·       Business visibility: Have real-time visibility of your customers, your drivers, and your overall operations – enhancing route productivity and improving service delivery. Help your back-office team with reports and 360-degree business insights that empower decision making and drive continual business improvement.

·       Efficiency at the scale and in the yard speeds customer interaction: Digital tools at the scale and mobile access in the yard speed tasks, provide proof of downgrades and contamination to minimize friction, build reputation, and increase margins, increasing customer and supplier retention in the process.

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05 Dec 2023
1:00pm - 2:00pm EST

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