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W2RO Webinar Series: Fresh Solutions: Approaches to Eliminate Odour Complaints and Exploring Next-Gen Odour Control Technologies

25 Apr 2024
12:00pm - 1:00pm EDT


Waste to Resource Ontario invites you to join our informative webinars that bring together industry leaders, experts, and individuals with a shared interest in exploring innovative strategies and practical solutions for waste, recycling and resource management sector.

By participating in our webinars, you will gain access to invaluable insights from thought leaders in the field, network with professionals and organizations dedicated to sustainability, and discover real-world case studies that demonstrate a variety of topics.

Whether you represent a business, municipality, non-profit organization, or simply have a passion for environmental stewardship, our webinars offer a unique platform to learn and collaborate within W2RO. As a W2RO member, you'll have exclusive access to these informative webinars, empowering you to stay relevant and excel in today's rapidly evolving circular economy.

Stay tuned for updates on upcoming webinar dates, topics, and speakers.

If you are interested in collaborating on a webinar, please reach out to Lauryn Weinberger,

Waste to Resource Ontario (W2RO) proudly presents an exclusive webinar on "Fresh Solutions: Approaches to Eliminate Odour Complaints and Exploring Next-Gen Odour Control Technologies"

Are odour complaints becoming a nuisance for your facility? Join us for valuable insights and expert advice on different approaches to eliminate odour complaints and discover next-gen technologies that are revolutionizing the way we tackle unpleasant smells. It's time to explore fresh solutions for safe & effective odour control!

Meet Nick Darwish, a visionary leader with over 30 years of expertise in environmental engineering, chemistry, and corporate leadership. As the President of Ecolo Toronto for the past two decades Nick has been a driving force in the adoption of odour control services throughout Ontario.

Nick began his journey as an environmental engineer, where he spearheaded a global task group aimed at removing CFC solvents from the hi-tech industry. This project earned Nick the UNEP Corporate Award from the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP), awarded to industry leaders that make a difference related to Climate Change. His passion for environmental stewardship led him to pursue further education, including an MBA, and transition into Corporate Business Development.

As a thought leader in the environmental sector, Nick continues to inspire change and progress, embodying a commitment to sustainable business practices.

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25 Apr 2024
12:00pm - 1:00pm EDT

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