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W2RO Webinar Series: Willow-Based Solutions for Landfill Leachate Management: A Decade of Innovation and Implementation in Southern Quebec

24 Jul 2024
1:30pm - 2:15pm EDT


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Waste to Resource Ontario (W2RO) proudly presents an exclusive webinar on "Willow-Based Solutions for Landfill Leachate Management: A Decade of Innovation and Implementation in Southern Quebec"

Landfill leachate management represents a major operational challenge for landfill operators. High volumes to manage, strict discharge standards and the ever-changing nature of leachate makes it difficult to treat this type of effluent.

Effluent volume reduction systems planted with willows have the potential to help manage leachate effectively and economically, by capitalizing on the rapid growth and high transpiration rate of willows. This type of system can help sites meet their volume discharge standards, reduce the chemical consumption of their conventional treatment plants or reduce the trucking of leachate to external treatment sites, all while capturing atmospheric carbon.

Willow plantations have the capacity to uptake various types of contaminants (notably PFAS) which are then kept onsite and not discharged back into the local watersheds.

Several willow-planted volume reduction systems have been installed since 2018 at various landfill sites located in southern Quebec. This presentation discusses the technical and scientific breakthroughs made, as well as the lessons learned over the past 10 years of implementing and operating this type of system. 

Meet Nick Leblanc. Nic holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies and has over 20 years of experience in the odor & residuals management industries. Nic is the father of 3x young and energetic boys and is passionate about waste reduction and composting.

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24 Jul 2024
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24 Jul 2024
1:30pm - 2:15pm EDT

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