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W2RO Women of Waste (WoW) Spotlight

W2RO Women of Waste (WoW) Spotlight

Celebrating the Achievements of Women of Waste. Congratulations Lori Andres, Dillon Consulting Limited.

Lori is a Waste Management Engineer, Project Manager and Associate at Dillon Consulting Limited with over 20 years of environmental engineering experience in waste reduction, recycling, policy, planning and circular economy related projects across Canada. Through this work she supports her clients with developing targets and action plans to meet their waste reduction, diversion and circular economy goals. Prior to joining Dillon, Lori worked at Waste Diversion Ontario (now Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority -RPRA) as the Data Manager). RPRA is the regulator mandated by the Government of Ontario to enforce the province’s circular economy laws. Currently at Dillon, she has been supporting RPRA with IPR program guidelines for batteries, ITT/AV and HSP.

Over the past five years she has been the senior technical lead and/or project manager on several national circular economy studies related to plastics recycling infrastructure needs, rubber recycling, socio-economic impacts of value retention processes and business to business plastic waste flow in the back of store and business to consumer operations in the Canadian food retail sector. 

Lori has also worked on a national scale with the federal government, provinces/territories, regulatory bodies enforcing provincial recycling and circular economy laws as well as supporting municipal local initiatives across Canada. She has brought her high level of expertise and professional experience to bring value to her clients and their project needs.

She enhanced her education through participating in industry workshops, conferences, and courses. Lori transferred this knowledge and passion to others through in-house presentations and direct project work with industry clients, giving presentations across Canada in promotion of circular economy.

Personally, Lori volunteered on the City of Toronto’s Circular Economy Working Group for over two years, until the working group concluded its mandate in 2022. She is also a current member of the Waste to Resource Ontario’s EPR and Recycling Committee. She attends national and internal Circular Economy related conferences to keep on trend and up to date in the Circular Economy space. Lori has volunteered and mentored young female engineering students and graduates with an interest in the waste management sector. She has been a mentor volunteer with Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) NL, PEO, OPSE and University of Toronto’s Sustainable Engineers Association (SEA) mentorship program.

Lori welcomes the opportunities and challenges in the waste management sector and encourages the broadening of perspectives and collaborations that will be required to find future solutions. “These are exciting times and I look forward to sharing my experiences with our next generation and future leaders.”

Congratulations Lori and thank you for your dedication towards circular economy and creating a more sustainable future for next generations!

 October 19, 2023