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Webinar Workshop Series - Introduction to Allyship at Work!

Webinar Workshop Series - Introduction to Allyship at Work!

The workshop series consists of two parts. Please sign up for one session from each of Part 1 and Part 2.  

Did you know that while the majority of people at work see themselves as allies to their colleagues, research shows relatively few are taking basic allyship actions?

We want to do our part to change that because we know when we empower you with the right tools and strategies there is nothing the people in this industry can’t accomplish.

That’s why we’re adding Lean In’s Allyship at Work  program to W2RO’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts. Allyship at Work helps you learn specific actions you can take to show up as an ally. This program is for everyone, regardless of your role, level, or identity. You’ll learn how to show up in both private and public ways for your coworkers with traditionally marginalized identities. 

We look forward to going through this program with you. Free to W2RO Members! Register Now!

 October 13, 2023